I love Christmas and the holiday season!  The music, decor, get togethers, foods, friends & family all celebrating.

I’m an author, artist & entrepreneur that focuses on books; a gift store for the family with quality jewelry & gift items for the home for all holidays & birthdays (Family Gifts by Kat on Etsy, & on My Site); wellness products through Sublime Naturals (essential oils, skin brushes) and Art & Prints Sublime on Etsy plus Sublime-Art with my canvas art and printables.

I have published about 20+ books, with the best selling book is “Use This for That, an Essential Oil Guide” along with a number of other books on wellness. I added kids workbooks during covid to help parents, family & teachers with fun learning activities for the kids.  All of the workbooks and books are sold on Amazon. I am also a coach and mentor for a private arbitrage group, and love helping entrepreneurs become successful!

For this site, I’ve aggregated many of the ideas for Christmas gifts from across my sites, along with posts and content about Christmas to enjoy the holiday fun.  All of our sites or Amazon have 100% money back guarantees and many items have free shipping (there are a some home gifts with shipping.)  Enjoy!

Kathy Heshelow, author & founder
Christmas Gift Guide

Tel: 727-319-6303

Kathy, her husband and friend with their pups at Christmas
Kathy, her husband and friend with their past pups Zoe, Bella and Bailey at Christmas

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