Annual Traditions, Including Special Christmas Ornaments

We all have some specific holiday traditions. It is part of what makes the season so special.

This could include specific recipes and favorite Christmas cookies to bake and decorate with the family; it could be caroling or singing the old favorite Christmas songs and carols or streaming them in the house.  It could be watching favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, or old favorites like “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “A Christmas Carol” or even “Home Alone.”  Some love to see local productions of “The Nutcracker Suite” ballet. 

One tradition I started several decades ago was to offer a personalized special Christmas Tree Ornament to my husband (and he to me) each year. “Our First Christmas Together” was the first. When we moved, the ornament was about our new home. Some are with the dogs that we have at that time, and ones to mark special events.  This widened to every trip or vacation we took, we were sure to pick up one decoration from that site, whether it was New York, Mount Vernon, Paris, Rome, Santa Fe or Santa Monica!

Each year, when we put up the tree and decorate, it is so much fun to have the memories to talk about, remembering that year, or a trip or the special event, stories about the pups long gone, friends and family we saw.

Small traditions like this which create memories help to make the Christmas holiday special.

I offer a few Christmas ornaments on my Etsy site Last year my most popular ornament was “First Christmas Engaged 2021”! I have a new one for 2022 as well as “First Christmas Married 2022.”

I can do personalized or custom ornaments for you as well – just reach out!