Kids love Christmas! It is such an exciting time for year. Santa Claus, special stories & classic books, decorations, the Christmas tree, Christmas pageant or plays at school, Christmas songs, the wish for special toys, perhaps seeing relatives that live far away.

I love to help build the excitement with kid activity books.

I designed the Christmas alphabet book on Kindle (shown above). Each letter is on a page, with an illustration representing the letter and word associated (A is for Angel, etc.) It was so much fun to create, and I hope as much fun for the child to see.

It is found here on Amazon.

I also have a Christmas Coloring Book under the “See Say Spell & Color” series for small kids. I added a Color by Numbers book with Elves (including Christmas Elves) for the young ones who need some help with coloring. These books can help kids develop skills (holding and manipulating crayons, copying words and letters, identifying letters and words, and releasing creativity.).

I created a series of workbooks under the name Kat’s Classes in 2020 during the pandemic to help parents and teachers. Everything is found on Amazon.

Watch their enjoyment when they color, write or read the books!