Welcome! Gift Ideas for Christmas!

Hi, I’m Kathy Heshelow and I love Christmas!

This special time of year with friends and family, traditions, memories, the music, Christmas specials on tv, favorite movies, Christmas cookies, the lights and decorations, those manger scenes – and giving gifts!  This is a picture from a few years ago at Christmas with my hubby and a friend and our pups!

What is this site about?  I have designed and sell a number of different products, and many could be nice Christmas gifts. Through the years, I have written & published books on Amazon (including some kids activity books that could be fun at Christmas!), developed lots of products for the family (from jewelry to mugs and organic soaps & oils), and I have always been an artist (I lived in Paris for 16 years, drawn there by the history of art!) – and I now sell my art, too.

I truly appreciate those who support small businesses these days, and I do the same! Thanks for taking a look at my various products.  I invite you to follow me on social media if interested!

Here are different gift offerings and the sites they are on:

On my FamilyGiftsbyKat store at Etsy, you will find:
Quality cubic zirconia, gold and sterling silver jewelry with designed message cards
Designed decor pillows and blankets (in fleece or warm furry sherpa)
Christmas ornaments (high end crystal engraved, as well as ceramic)
Unbreakable serving platters with my designs (includes grilling plates for dad!)
Mugs for family members
Some art and printables – like SPORTS ART for dad, son or husband; FAIRY TALE printables; VINTAGE GOLF ART for the golfer in your life!

As an artist, I also have a separate store Art and Prints Sublime (Etsy) where you will find inexpensive Printables as well as canvas art, triptychs and photography!   Printables are inexpensive and fun – you own and download the files, and then you can either print and frame yourself, send to a local printer, send to an online printer to canvas, paper, glass, metal, etc.  Many are typography (“Life is Short, Eat the Cake”, “Just Breathe”, as examples plus French words for the Francophiles among you!), but you’ll also find photography and illustrations among the printables.  Here are examples of a few printables:

My canvas art falls into 3 categories: Paris (where I lived so many years), Beach, Boat & Sunsets (I now live in Florida and am inspired by my environment), and Abstract – my long-term love. You can also join my list and see the canvas art at Sublime Art. There are various sizes and budgets, lots on offer, and it could be a wonderful gift idea!

Sublime Beauty Naturals focuses on essential oils, wellness, skin brushing, soaps and organic products. Related to it, I have a podcast about essential oils, and wrote a number of books on essential oils. The best seller is “Use This for That”.  Stocking stuffers and nice little natural gifts (like soaps, aromatherapy jewelry, etc.) are available with free shipping there!

Books I have authored and published on Amazon are found here.
Books can be a nice gift. You will find activity and coloring books for both kids and adults (including Sudoku and Word Search, Mandalas, Cities of the World and more), plus books on wellness and health.

A little Kindle Alphabet book for kids focuses on Christmas, and a paperback Christmas workbook is available in the See Say Spell & Color series!

Enjoy! Reach out with any questions. I bring great customer service to all the products.

Merry Christmas!   Kathy Heshelow