Some Inexpensive Ways to Decorate – or Give – at Christmas

If asked, most people will say that the VERY best part of the Christmas season is enjoying all the beautiful decorations and yummy food shared with family or friends!

Christmas 2 little girls by tree

It’s clear – everyone loves all the sweets, Christmas cookies, traditional treats and candy, but they also like all the cheery and warm decorations found everywhere!

Whether you are on a budget or not, there are lots of fun ways to decorate, give and enjoy.

When I was small (2 brothers and a sister), we didn’t have much money, but that didn’t stop us from making cookies with mom (some were gifts) and creating all kinds of decorations for the house.

My mom would help us make sugar cookies that would be decorated – the Christmas trees and reindeer were the most fun to decorate, but the snowmen, Santa and gingerbread men shape was also fun!  For a few years, we made holes in the dough before baking, and then used ribbton to hang some on the Christmas tree for decorations.

We would also always make chocolate chip cookies and usually oatmeal cookies, too. The house would smell so good! We made a party of decorating the sugar cookies while listening to Christmas music.

These would make nice gifts for some of the neighbors and family members, and we would take them on the Christmas caroling trip to the local nursing home!

stockings hanging on hearthDecorating is another thing that can be done without having a big budget to work with. I remember stapling the Christmas cards we received onto sturdy ribbon and then hanging them on the mantel and around the house. We had stencils to do cutouts for the windows and I remember a few years, we got a “snow spray” from a can, and sprayed through the stencils to make really fun snowmen or angels.

Candles are another thing that always add a nice touch and they can provide the atmosphere with some wonderful scents as well. The small votive candles are inexpensive and can be used in a number of ways for decorations. For instance you could put some votive candles floating on some water in a festive bowl of some kind or place them in groups of 3 on a small plate and scatter them around on the end tables or coffee tables.

Candy canes are always popular and don’t cost much. You can hang them around at various places or make some candy cane bouquets and place them in some green or red glasses or other festive glasses you may have. It’s not about much you spend it’s about spreading a little Christmas cheer in the best way you can.

Consider getting Christmas decorations on sale AFTER Christmas at DEEP DISCOUNTS for next year or years to come! (It’s a good time to buy cards and wrapping paper, too.)